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Country: United States
Period: December 4, 2009


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Bryant University XBRL Conference (Dec 4) - Webcast now NO CHARGE for serious students of XBRL

An important update about the 9th Bryant University XBRL Conference
December 3 - 4, 2009 with a face-to-face portion on Thursday afternoon and a live webcast … COMING TO YOU FROM
YOUR LOCATION … on Friday:

Due to popular demand, we are opening the webcast portion of the
conference at no charge to the greater XBRL community worldwide. Our goals
in holding this annual conference are - of course - to provide a great
forum for sharing the latest knowledge and findings related to XBRL, but
even more so to help fund the annual Global XBRL Academic Competition, now
entering its 10th year. We want thank our supporters and also get the word
out about the many ways you and your organization can help support the
competition, which includes:

1- Providing organization branded merchandise, which we can send to
student participants
2- Provide financial support bringing our winning entries to the XBRL
International Conference (in this case, helping representatives of the
team make it to Rome for the April XBRL International Conference)
3- Taking part as a judge, reviewing the submissions
4- Getting the word out to others
The Friday Dec. 4, 2009 agenda begins with
Mike Willis, Chair of the XBRL International Steering Committee at 10:00
AM EDT, and concludes with
Paul Madden, Program Director for the Australian SBR effort, at 5:30 PM

If you would like to actively participate in the webcast portion of the
conference (on Friday), we are opening seats(space) on a first-come,
first-served basis, and trying to spread the free admissions out across as
many organizations as possible. We are also looking for participants who
are interested in attending most of the day, and not just listening to a
session here and there. Please visit , complete
the registration form, and e-mail it to on or before
December 2, 2009 EDT. After this deadline, stand-by requests should be
directly sent to Saeed Roohani to be granted if there
are still seats (space) available.

If traveling or funding was keeping you from benefiting from the wisdom of
the presenters at this event, there's no longer an excuse; come and learn,
and think about how you can help support the Global XBRL Academic
Competition with funds, goods or services. For voluntary contribution of
funds to the Global XBRL Academic Competition, you can do that through the website using the Paypal link. If you have any
question please contact Saeed Roohani, Bryant University: