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Forthcoming Issues of Information Systems Research


During the past year, Information Systems Research has accumulated a significant backlog of accepted articles. Currently, the journal has about two years worth of accepted articles awaiting publication. The list of accepted articles along with the scheduled publication dates for 2009 are now shown on the journal's website ( Currently, the results are best viewed through Internet Explorer. Each year, the September issue is reserved for publishing a special issue, hence it is not available for scheduling regular issues. Therefore, the other three volumes are being scheduled for publishing papers in the regular issues. The papers are being scheduled for publication in order of the dates on which there were accepted for publication by the journal's editors.

One of the concerns that has now arisen is how the journal can accelerate publication of the accepted articles, since it might currently take about two years to publish a paper once it is accepted. In 2009, the journal has been given an additional 80 pages so that it will have a total of 608 pages available for publishing articles (about 30 articles). I am working on gaining even additional pages so that I can publish all of the backlog before my term expires in nearly two years and my successor will not have to deal with a large backlog. So, I anticipate that we will begin to publish more papers in the near future and reduce the waiting time for publication. In this regard, I would also point out that many of the accepted articles can be viewed as Articles in Advance where they papers are formatted just as they would appear in the print issue. Articles in Advance can be accessed through your institution's subscription to the Information Systems Research, but not through your own personal subscriptions.

Thank you for your support of the journal.

Vallabh Sambamurthy
Eli Broad Professor of Information Technology
Executive Director, Center for Leadership of the Digital Enterprise
Eli Broad College of Business, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824-1122
Voice: 517-432-2916 | Fax:517-432-1101 | email: