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Call for papers for a Special Issue of The DATA BASE for Advances in Information Systems

Cultural Issues in Global E-commerce Diffusion, Adoption and Use

It is our pleasure to seek articles for a special issue of The DATA BASE
for Advances in Information Systems whose focus is on "Cultural Issues in
Global E-commerce Diffusion, Adoption and Use". Further information
regarding the journal can be found on The DATA BASE web site at" target="_blank">

Guest Editors - Yogesh K. Dwivedi, Swansea University, Nitish Singh, St.
Louis University, and Michael D. Williams, Swansea University

Electronic (e)-commerce is expanding at a rapid rate, with the online
population approaching almost one billion, and global online revenues
being measured in trillions of dollars. This global expansion of
e-commerce represents growth opportunities for businesses worldwide.
However, one of the obstacles for companies attempting to extend their
e-business internationally is to understand global consumers and overcome
cultural barriers and language differences on the web (Singh and Pereira,
2005; Violino, 2001). Many companies are realizing that building an
e-commerce website to suit an international audience is a more complex
endeavor than they expected (Sheldon and Strader, 2002). As companies set
up their global e-businesses, it is important for them to understand what
cultural factors influence consumer use of international websites, what
motivates global consumers to purchase at international websites, and what
cultural barriers exist in diffusion and adoption of e-commerce.
The broad purpose of this Special Issue (SI) is to advance the knowledge
on the role of national culture in global e-commerce expansion. More
specifically, the SI invites submissions that address issues related to
the impact of national culture on macro-level issues related to diffusion
and adoption of e-commerce, and micro-level issues related to web site
localization, international web site usage, and global online consumer
behavior. We intend soliciting for theoretical, conceptual, and empirical
studies. Moreover, we particularly encourage submissions with an
inter-disciplinary focus, as global e-commerce research is not just
emerging as an important domain in the information systems domain, but
also in marketing, international business, linguistics and other
The proposed SI will focus on, but not be limited to, the following

1. Cultural Issues in diffusion and globalization of e-business
2. The impact of national culture on adoption, usage, and proliferation of
3. Web site localization
4. Cross-cultural online consumer behavior.
5. Localization versus standardization on the web.
6. Culture and IT Transfer
7. Localizing web sites for ethnic populations
8. Development and issues relating to cultural user interfaces
9. The role of culture in Web globalization strategy
10. Locale-specific search engine optimization
11. Culture and Internet Marketing

Call for Papers: Jan 15, 2008
Submission of full paper: June 15, 2008
Feedback from referees (First Round): September 15, 2008
Submission due date of revised paper: December 15, 2008
Feedback from referees (Second Round): Feb 29, 2009
Revised Submission: April 30, 2009
Submission of final revised paper: June 1st, 2009
Publication date: 4th Issue - 2009 (Tentative)
Instructions for Authors:

Full manuscript submissions must be submitted to the Editors via online
review system of the DATA BASE located at Please mention the Special
Issue theme 'Cultural Issues in Global E-commerce Diffusion, Adoption and
Use' at the title page of your submission. All submissions must conform to
the layout and format guidelines of the DATA BASE. Instructions for
contributors may be found at:

Guest Editors
Dr. Yogesh Kumar Dwivedi, Email:
School of Business & Economics, Swansea University, Swansea, SA2 8PP, UK,
Phone: +44(0)1792602340; Fax: +44 (0)1792 295626

Dr Nitish Singh, Email: /
Boeing Institute of International Business, St. Louis University, USA,
Phone: 314-977-7604; Fax: 314-977-3897

Prof Michael Williams, Email:
School of Business & Economics, Swansea University, Swansea, SA2 8PP, UK,
Phone: +44(0)1792 295181; Fax: +44 (0)1792 295626